by Jay and Linda Kordich
The Only Juicing 
Course You Will Ever Need! 
After Seeing a Myriad of Quasi Teachers on the Internet, Spreading Pseudo-Science, it Was Time We had to do something to Preserve the Powerful Teachings of Juice Therapy.

Learn from The Man Who Brought Juicing to the World!

We Decided to Create the Only Course that Beautifully Guides you Through Exactly How to transform your life forever as well as learn the Healing Teachings of Juice Therapy from the Greatest Teacher of the Lost Art of Juice Therapy... Jay Kordich - The Father of Juicing and known by hundreds of millions of People as - The Juiceman. 

Jay Taught Juicing To The World for Close to 70 Years.  Now YOU Can Learn From Jay Directly.

       For the First Time Ever... 

***This Course contains many hours of lectures with 4 In-Depth Digital Modules with Many Bonuses Revealing The Secrets of  Juice Therapy, for Building a Strong Immune System, Juicing for Real Weight Loss and So Much More, That You'll Have to See It To Believe it...
From Jay Kordich...The Father of Juicing!
Learn the benefits of Mono-Juicing, and how Celery Juice isn't the only Miracle Cure in the world of Juicing!

As Jay's Wife and Partner, Linda Kordich Lived the Juicing Lifestyle for over 50 years. Linda will share with you all her Juice Therapy Secrets too!

Exclusive Juicing Tips!!!
Not only will you learn the  VAST differences between Juice Therapy and Regular Juicing  but also the Secrets to Keeping Our Ineternal Organs and Glands Healthy!

Nobody Else TEACHES This!!!

Jay and I spent a lifetime teaching millions of people how powerfully healing and life-changing Juice Therapy is.  Juice Therapy is not the same as what is being taught in our world today!  This is the first thing you're going to learn.

We lost Jay in 2017, but not to worry... Jay left many lectures and videos that have never been produced, up until now.  Now they'll be yours to listen to, to watch and to learn for as long as you desire.

The unparalleled levels of Inspiration, Motivation, Education... and Dedication will serve ALL your needs and more when you choose to join our Juice Family's Juicing Master Class. 

Jay was like NO other and in this beautiful program, you're going to have him all to yourself.  Each and every one of you will be getting personal attention as well as receiving real gifts and huge discounts from products like juicers and other Living Kitchen Appliances once you join our Juicing Master Class.

Jay and I have thousands of letters from people who wrote to us for many decades, testifying that their lives have been changed forever because of Jay's powerful voice and passion for teachings the healing Power of Juicing.

 THIS is what we want to give to you... we want to share what we've learned throughout many decades as to what WORKS and what does NOT work, long term.  Trusting the internet can be highly disappointing but you will never be disappointed with our program.

70 Years of Teaching Juice Therapy...
Jay Kordich first became a student of Juice Therapy back in 1948 when became well from the late great Master Teachers - Dr. Max Gerson helped him eliminate bladder cancer at the age of 26, and from then on, Jay became dedicated to spreading the Juice Therapy teachings around the world. He also spent many years working with Dr. Norman Walker (another powerful juicing doctor and teacher of Juice Therapy as well as Dr. Bernard Jensen, Arnold Ehret, Charlotte Gerson Strauss, Dr. Edward Howell and Dr. Kirschner)

 Jay dedicated the next 4 decades of his life teaching by traversing across the USA from the 1960s thru the 1990s, where he finally discovered the power of television where he inspired hundreds of millions of people as they were introduced to the Healing Power of Juicing from his Juiceman show that aired daily for over 10 years.

Introducing me...Linda Kordich!
I married Jay in 1981 and quickly began sharing our combined knowledge of juice therapy to all who would listen.  My mother was quite ill when I was young and became well by incorporating the power of Juice Therapy into her life.  I watched and listened carefully. Collectively, Jay and I accumulated over 110 years of experience in teaching and inspiring millions of Americans.  

These many decades of knowledge now belong to YOU when you join our Juicing Master Class!

What I'll be teaching you are many other aspects to life long changes that will take your Juice Therapy experience to an entirely new level.  

Jay and I always believed that to successfully juice on a daily basis and eat well, take much more than creating discipline; it takes committed emotional, mental, physical and spiritual work to permanently transform our lives. This is a pivotal part in the teaching that guarantees genuine, successful, permanent change.

You're guaranteed to laugh, to cry, to be highly inspired and motivated as you join Jay and me as you journey throughout our well organized - highly inspiring - highly educational - Juicing Master Class!   

I can't wait to meet you!

Watch this video (to the right)and see for yourself!
3 BONUSES Will Be Yours!

                    1. Jay's Life Biography (EBOOK) : "Isn't Life Beautiful?"
2. Rare Interviews with Jay Kordich

YES, I WANT - The Juicing Master Class Program that is going to transform my life - giving me more Energy and Knowledge like Jay - with Natural Joy and Appreciation for Nature and for My Life!
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